Menstrual Cup Quiz

This menstrual cup quiz will help you discover your size in under a minute. Choosing the best feminine product for your body, flow, and lifestyle is crucial to leak-free protection. But what size product should you use for maximum comfort and protection? And what factors should determine your choice besides side? We were new to the world of sustainable menstruation once. That's why we designed this menstrual cup quiz to help you find the right size for you in a moment's time.

Like everything, finding the best size for you requires a little research. We invented our menstrual cup quiz to make sustainable, healthful and affordable periods easier for everyone, no matter your flow or body type.

Why You Should Take a Menstrual Cup Quiz

All bodies are different, so why would we wear the same size? Some menstruators prefer a smaller cup while others -- especially those who have given birth -- want a wider design that won't leak. The best way to know which design will work for you is to take this menstrual cup quiz.

This Menstrual Cup Quiz Considers 6 Factors

What does our quiz take into account to help you find your right size? Though these questions are simple, they tell us a lot about your habits, your body, and your period. More specifically, our menstrual cup quiz considers:

  1. Age: Our bodies change as we age. More specifically, we grow as we mature from kids to adults. That means that a smaller cup is more likely to fit a younger menstruator than a larger one. Additionally, someone who is new to Casco Cup may have an easier time with a smaller size.
  2. Flow: Some of us bleed lightly, while others go through a tampon every few hours. In other words, a menstruator with a short, light period who takes our menstrual cup quiz may not need the same capacity as someone who has a heavy period. The best way for us to understand your flow is to get a rough estimate of how many tampons or menstrual cup uses you go through on a typical day.
  3. Childbirth: This one one of the biggest things to note when choosing a feminine product. Typically, people who have given birth require a larger size in our menstrual cup quiz. However, whether someone has given birth is not the only factor that matters.
  4. Cervix Height: This can be the toughest factor for people to wrap their minds around. Cervix height -- generally measured by the length of your index finger to your cervix -- may determine what size is most comfortable for you. More specifically, people with a low cervix typically want a smaller size, while those with a high cervix may appreciate a longer product. It is always a matter of preference, but sharing your cervix height helps us determine what may be most comfortable for you. Keep in mind that all of our sizes do not chafe, cause dryness (as shown by some studies on tampons), or lower vaginal pH. Keep reading for our step-by-step guide on how to measure your cervix.
  5. Exercise: Women who exercise more frequently may have a slightly different shape than those who do not. Again, this is not the only factor that matters in our menstrual cup quiz, but one of many.
  6. Menstrual Cup Experience: Maybe you are taking our assessment because you've tried another design but didn't experience Casco Cup's effortless, comfortable period protection. Not all companies produce feminine products of the same quality and comfort level as ours, so we're here to help. Telling us what went wrong with your previous product (Did it sit too high up? Did it turn sideways?) helps us help you find the right size.

The Casco Menstrual Cup Quiz Guarantee

No matter how you answer these questions, we are happy to assist you in finding a comfortable, leak-free design. Took our assessment but aren't 100% satisfied with your results in 90 days? Don't sweat it: We accept all returns with 90 days, no questions asked. 

Your Menstrual Cup Quiz Results

Got your result but not sure what it means? Just like tampons, Casco Cup comes in 3 unique sizes. These questions are designed to make it easy to find which of the three sizes is best for your body. Here are a few factors it takes into account:

  1. Cervix height
  2. Age
  3. Flow
  4. Exercise
  5. Pregnancy

Keep in mind that we are not medical professionals. If you have any specific questions related to finding the best menstrual cup for you and your health, please contact your gynecologist.