About Us: A Startup Set on Changing the World

A few years ago, none of us had heard of the product that was to transform our lives and inspire our startup. Though invented in the 1930s, the menstrual cup was only starting to become known and there was still a long way to go.

Casco Cup is a small team of passionate entrepreneurs who care about the environment, women’s health, and making things in America. We came together because we knew there was a better way to deal with periods – and we wanted to make our transformative product right here in our home state of Maine.

Our Team

We believe in doing everything in-house. From product design to marketing, we believe in empowering women when it comes to making, selling and using our products. 

Product Design Expertise

Our chief engineer Liz designed all three Casco Cup sizes after expensive research into what makes a feminine product comfortable. She also realized that there was a big problem facing users: Where do you put your menstrual cup between uses? How do you carry it around when you’re traveling or expecting your period?

With that in mind, Liz designed the Casco Cup Aqua Case. Not only is it cute, but it allows your Casco Cup to dry properly whether you’ve tossed it in a backpack or left it in your medicine cabinet.

Passion for Sustainable Products

Major change for women is much harder without the support of men. With that in mind, we’re thrilled that one of our founders is a guy. Andy has decades of experience designing and manufacturing products. He wants his legacy to his family and our planet to be creating sustainable products made from silicone right here in his native New England.

Understanding the Modern Woman

Burgess, our president, is 24 and already sick of big corporations telling her what to buy. That’s why she’s devoted to creating a product that has literally transformed her life. “I can’t imagine using a tampon – or any other menstrual cup – besides Casco Cup now. It has been two years and having 12 hours of leak-free protection has literally changed my life from travel to sleeping in on weekends,” Burgess says.

Wondering why you haven’t heard of menstrual cups? It’s in big companies’ best interest to keep you buying, buying, buying. Casco Cup lasts for 10 years. That’s approximately 2,400 tampons. 

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Educating and Empowering Women

Having you buy a Casco Cup and not know how to use it is our worst nightmare. We want you to feel empowered to switch from tampons and pads to Casco Cup. That’s why one of our founders Sutopa Dasgupta created our education program. Not only does it teach you how to use a menstrual cup, but it also helps you take charge of your body and your health.

Fun fact: You don’t need to spend extra money on menstrual cup wash (no matter what other brands say). Just boil your Casco Cup to clean it and you’re good to go.

The Casco Cup Difference

The Casco Cup is designed (by Liz) in Maine, USA. It is perhaps the only menstrual cup that produced in the USA in an ISO 9001:2008 certified production environment. Beyond that, we exclusively use high quality Healthcare Grade, Class VI silicone and our products are produced in an ISO:13485 certified facility.

What does all that mean? It means that not only do we create the world’s most comfortable menstrual cup with up to 12 hours of leak-free protection, but we’re also dedicated to making the highest-quality cup, too.

Make the best choice for your body and Mother Earth. Switch to Casco Cup