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Health Guides and News

  • Birth Control Pills: A Guide

    Birth control pills are a popular way to prevent pregnancy. Here's what you need to know about birth control pill side effects, how they work and brands.
  • What Is a Birth Control Implant and How Does It Work?

    The birth control implant is a small, matchstick-sized rod that goes underneath the skin. Also called Nexplanon, arm implant birth control release...
  • Coronavirus Stimulus Lets You Save on Feminine Care

    The coronavirus stimulus package is a major win for ending the tampon tax. The government just changed how you spend on feminine products.
  • How Deep Is the Cervix?

    The cervix separates the vagina and the uterus. But how deep is the cervix exactly, and what characterizes a low or high one?
  • 10 Period Sex Tips: Guide to Sex During Your Period

    Period sex can be more fun than your regular routine with the right preparation and mindset. Follow these 10 tips to get started.
  • What Affects Vaginal pH and How Do You Restore It?

    Vaginal pH balance is a delicate thing. Here are several factors that may influence it and how to restore normal vaginal pH.
  • Morning After Pill: How It Works and Possible Side Effects

    What is Plan B and how does it work? Here's what you need to know about Plan B side effects, morning after pills, and emergency contraception.
  • How Long Does a Period Last? And Other Questions, Answered.

    How long does a period last? A long period may be the result of a number of factors or an underlying condition. Understand what's normal, and what isn't.
  • 16 Common PMS Symptoms and How to Reduce Them

    Most of us still deal with premenstrual syndrome on a routine basis. And though there is no “cure” for these irksome, distracting and sometimes painful side-effects, there is a lot we can do about it.