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Get ready for 12 hours of effortless (and leak-free period protection). Casco Cup is crafted from medical-grade silicone to conform perfectly to your body, ideal for playing sports. Guaranteed to last 10 years, Casco Cup is the modern woman’s menstrual cup.

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Offered in Mini, Mid, and Standard sizes
Casco Cup Aqua Case included
Medical-grade silicone
Made in USA

What’s My Size?

Great question. We offer the Casco Cup in three sizes: Mini, Mid and Standard. The Mini is our smallest size, ideal for people with low cervixes or someone who has never tried a menstrual cup. The Mid is our pre-pregnancy size, meaning that it’s perfect for women who haven’t had children yet. Had children? We recommend the Standard, which is slightly wider.

Need more information? Take the Casco Cup menstrual cup quiz to get a better understanding of your size.