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Casco Cup
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Casco Cup

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  1. Wear for up to 12 hours
  2. Leak-resistant design
  3. Free Case included
  4. FDA-registered, 100% medical-grade silicone
  5. 100% Made in Maine, USA

Forget about your period with Casco Cup. Engineered by female athletes, the Casco Cup offers up to 12 hours of odorless protection. Our leak-resistant design comes in three comfortable sizes.

Going somewhere? The Casco Cup comes with a purse-tested, easy-to-clean case that's perfect for your suitcase or medicine cabinet.

    What's My Size?

    Take our menstrual cup quiz to discover your size.

     Length Rim Diameter Holds
    Mini 2.3 inches 1.65 inch 25 ml
    Size 1 2.75 inches 1.65 inch 30 ml
    Size 2 2.75 inches 1.81 inch 40 ml

    We recommend the Mini for menstruators under 18 or anyone with a low cervix. The Size 1 is our generic size, great for almost anyone who hasn't given birth. The Size 2 is our larger size, ideal for mothers.

    Not sure how high your cervix is? Check out our guide on how deep Is the cervix to find out how to measure yours.


    • 1 Casco Cup (Size 1, 2, or Mini)
    • Casco Case
    • Instruction Booklet

    How Do I Use the Casco Cup?

    Congratulations on making the choice to switch to sustainable and comfortable period protection. We know that using a Casco Cup can seem intimidating at first, that's why we wrote the official guide on how to use a menstrual cup.

    We strongly encourage anyone new to Casco Cup to read through our guide. Beyond that, here are a few pointers:

    • Make sure to clean your cup in boiling water at least once during your cycle and once at the end, in addition to rinsing it between uses whenever possible.
    • When inserting or removing your Casco Cup, make sure your hands are clean and relax your muscles.
    • After inserting the Casco Cup, gently move your fingers around it to make sure it has regained its circular shape. This will prevent leaks. If it hasn't, gently twist it several times or reinsert it.
    • When removing it, squat over a toilet or in the shower and push your muscles as if you're having a bowel movement. This will help move the cup downward.

    Can I Use the Casco Cup?

    We are not doctors, so we cannot give you medical advice. We strongly encourage anyone with a question about their health to speak with their gynecologist. See our FAQ for more answers to commonly-asked questions on who can and cannot use the Casco Cup.

    Have another question? Email us and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews

    Casco Cup

    Works for me!

    I have a high cervix and a narrow canal. I bought the large version and this cup is almost perfect. The rim diameter is perfect for me. I use the labia fold, which helps it to open easier. The cup doesn't bother my bladder and is comfy. Maybe you can make an extra large version that holds more for heavier days. The length and diameter are perfect. Maybe have the body of the cup go down to the stem and have the bottom just barely be a stem keeping the V-shape somehow. Either way, I still love the large version.

    Awesome cup!

    Love this cup! I’ve tried a few and this the first one that seems to fit my body seamlessly. Very comfortable. I do wish the stem was a bit longer but after a few uses I got used to it.

    Hi Melanie,

    Thank you so much for your feedback! We're so glad that you're enjoying your cup.

    All the best,
    Casco Cup

    First time cup user. Happy Camper :)

    Hi, I really liked your product. I have only ever tried a disc once before and it was many years ago and was a disaster. I did feel it took a little practice to get used to using the cup but overall I'm very happy and a convert! One suggestion I would make would be to also offer for sale a cup sterilizer that is also made in the USA. I looked everywhere and couldn't find one. I have some suggestions for that particular product if you are interested in hearing about them. Please reach out to me. Thanks again! I'm a very happy customer ☺

    Works great!!!

    Finally got to use the cup. I did find out that my body prefers the fold down method. The cup, I guess since I can't see up where it goes, would not fully open with the C-fold.

    Good thing I wore a pad when I used the C-fold.

    I do have issues of getting it in before it opens, more practice should help.

    I do have short fingers and arms so getting it in far enough without fiddling with it too much is going to take some work.

    My uterus is tilted downward so it only feels funny when I have the tip, you pull on to take out, poking.

    Going number 2 aka a poop, is a little weird feeling since I am worried it may pop out, like my tampons did, especially since this is the way you locate the cup too.

    I have noticed when pulling it out, and you had a heavy flow, if you dump it in the toilet you may have to flush twice or else it leaves some behind.